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Since 2003 we have been serving our customers all over the world by providing integrated solutions for Visual and Wireless systems. Through our "interactive catalog", fast and easy to browse, with its dynamic prices updates and search by category and parametric filter, you can select the item of your interest, check availability and price, and then process your purchase order easily. With the Featured Products periodically disclosed with First Components News we will always keep you updated on new arrivals, while you will always have access to the archive of the Knowledge Center for end-of-life notifications and proposed alternatives. The knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of our staff are polarized around a common philosophy: Customer FIRST®, that we pursue in our daily life.


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Advanced HMI powered by STM's TouchGFX! IOT & Next Vision... Advanced HMI powered by STM's TouchGFX! IOT & Next Vision...

IOT / Next Vision Display 'T-Panel family' adopts a powerful STM32-Based Control Board along with STM’s free TouchGFX Development Tool... Sizes: 4.3” 480x272 / 5'' 800x480 / 7'' 800x480...

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Touch Panel OLED Display: External / In-cell Touch Solutions! Touch Panel OLED Display: External / In-cell Touch Solutions!

OLED External Touch Panel: touch panel module assembled to an existing OLED panel & OLED In-cell Touch Panel: driver IC built-in with a touch circuit design and a display circuit design called TDDI...

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Your Ideal Partner for Intelligent Display Solutions (IDE)! Your Ideal Partner for Intelligent Display Solutions (IDE)!

Wide range of intelligent display Solutions, find the one that suits you best! You will find high-quality LCDs with various interfaces supported by different IDEs: IoT 'ADE' & Winstar 'GUI' Builder...

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4.3'' and 5'' SPI-QSPI Interface TFTs & Arduino Support 4.3'' and 5'' SPI-QSPI Interface TFTs & Arduino Support

New TFT series that supports SPI and QSPI interface (BT815/6 controller IC). Arduino boards support. BT815/6 controller IC with EVE (Embedded Video Engine) technology...

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Knowledge Center
Backlight Module (BLM), also known as backlight panel, is one of the essential components of Monochrome LCD displays. Since the liquid crystal display is not self-illuminating, the light source must be provided through the backlight module, penetrating the liquid crystal panel in sequence. Finally, it enters the human eye to form an image to achieve the display function...
Winstar has come up with a new design concept: combining a driving module circuit board (PCB) and STN-LCD display as a 2-in-1 structure. The touch button is designed within the viewing area (VA) of LCD to increase the touch sensibility...
Smartphones change people's habits and make people enjoy the convenience of touch solutions. Winstar's vision is to devote itself to the human-machine interaction interface and communication technology innovation. Touch panels can be divided into resistive touch panels (RTP) and capacitive touch panels (CTP) based on electrical principles. There are two types of capacitive touch: surface capacitive touch (SCTP) and the other is projected capacitive touch (PCTP), also called inductive capacitance...
HDMI Series is plug and play device. There are two IC transfers display and touch signal to master device. For touch panel, there are Mouse Mode (default) and Touch Pad Mode. And capacitive touch panel can update the firmware through USB port. It can work with Windows and Raspbian operating system...
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