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Since 2003 we have been serving our customers all over the world by providing integrated solutions for Visual and Wireless systems. Through our Interactive Catalogue, fast and easy to browse, with its dynamic prices updates and search by category and parametric filter, you can select the item of your interest, check availability and price, and then process your purchase order easily. With the Featured Products, which can be previewed at the following link, periodically posted with First Components Product News we will always keep you updated on new arrivals, while you will always have access to the archive of the Knowledge Center for end-of-life notifications and proposed alternatives. Finally, you can also visit our Hard to Find product page with hundreds of items that are obsolete but still available at our warehouse. The knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of our staff are polarized around a common philosophy: Customer FIRST®, that we pursue in our daily life.


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Product Focus | DWIN: T5L Intelligent COF (Chip-on-Film) Product Focus | DWIN: T5L Intelligent COF (Chip-on-Film)

Today, we unveil the new DWIN displays, designed with the powerful dual-core ASIC T5L CPU custom-developed by DWIN to meet the most advanced human-machine interface (HMI)...

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Latest Product Introduction | SMART TFT RS485 & CANBUS – OLED with... Latest Product Introduction | SMART TFT RS485 & CANBUS – OLED with...

NEW RELEASES! We are pleased to announce the new entries in our Product Catalogue: New sizes and high brightness options in RS485 and CAN Bus TFT...

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Latest Product Introduction | TFT , OLED Graphic & Connectors Latest Product Introduction | TFT , OLED Graphic & Connectors

We're excited to bring you the latest introductions in TFT and OLED families from First Components, and don't forget to take a look at our brand new Greenconn Board-to-Board Connectors...

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Product Focus | Small Displays for Wearable Devices Product Focus | Small Displays for Wearable Devices

Wearable displays are enabled by the Internet of Things, which has made it possible to develop smart wearable objects that we can interact with at any time of day. In addition to 'wearability'...

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Knowledge Center
Medical display is one of the known technological applications in the modern healthcare area. It is undeniable that the advancement of medical imaging technology has improved healthcare by supplying robust diagnostic tools, aiding non-invasive evaluation of wounds and interior problems...
Notification Evervision's LCD EOL Production. After careful consideration, Evervision declares the interruption of the business and production of LCDs. Asking for your understanding for the difficult decision made, Evervision thanks its customers for their support and asks to pay particular attention to the terms of LBO (Last Buy Order) and LSD (Last Shipment Date)...
To promote SmartDisplay products and make their use universal and straightforward, we continuously showcase demo example projects. In this episode, we will present another demo code, hoping that it will aid both beginners and experienced developers in grasping the fundamentals...
So far, as we know that a system interface and a communication protocol are required to control a smart display. System Integration controls Smart-Display products in a comprehensive manner. In all those ways, Arduino could be used from a host control perspective as well. This article provides an example of how to control Smart-Display products from the perspective of the client...
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FIRST Components works with trusted and specialized Partners to offer the best advice and solutions suited to the requirements of its Customers. Competence and innovation allow us to offer value added products in different applications such as automotive, industrial, medical, wearable, instrumentation...