4D Systems

Since 1990, 4D Systems has forged its place as a global leader for intelligent displays and graphics processors. Their growing range of embedded displays leverage OLED and LCD technology, while their range of dedicated graphics processors provide the horsepower to bring superior yet affordable graphics systems to any application. These powerful, rich graphics displays are also complemented by resistive or capacitive touch for a comprehensive user interface solution. 4D Systems proprietary WS4 software has been uniquely developed to provide engineers with a powerful utility for rapid prototype, development, and deployment of solutions into whatever scenario you have planned...


Top 6 reasons why customers choose 4D Systems:


Jump start development time

Deliver rapidly and efficiently with products designed specifically for ease of integration and swift application development.


4D Systems Workshop4 IDE

Created for multiple development environments benefiting a range of users from the pro-maker to the most demanding engineer.


Scales with you

Seamless solutions from low volume to high volume applications without the need to invest in new software development.


Community built for sharing

Forums, code, documentation, and the latest new projects from our customers, and our engineers.


Human services

Seasoned electronics and software engineers are on stand-by supporting fast implementation and troubleshooting.


Never doubt quality

ISO 9001 - certified production factories deliver the most secure supply chain in display solutions.

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