Proculus Technologies is the leading innovative company in the industry of embedded devices, focusing on All-in-one TFT LCDs including UARTs and Android Solutions. Proculus provides a complete and ever-improving LCD display solution for Intelligent Displays that makes GUI development simple, cost-effective, and fast. As a custom LCD and screen display manufacturer, we can provide you the custom LCD display, screen, and panel according to your demand.

  • UART Interface
  • High-quality and reliable hardware
  • Intuitive and frequently updated software
  • Simple and easy-to-learn communication protocol
  • Short lead time
  • Well-trained team
  • Cost-effective complere GUI solution
About Proculus

Intelligent Uart & Android LCD Modules

These intelligent LCM solutions allow you and your company to create amazing GUIS for all your products, from Customer Appllances to life-sustaining Medical Devices. You can make quick prototypes, in-house control interfaces, one-time projects, high-volumes appliances, and everything you can imagine that would benefit from an affordable yet comprehensive GUI system.


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