Writable-Erasable Display

Writable-Erasable Display. Boogie Board, the world #1 electronic writing tablet. Simple for you, endlessly useful, secure, environmentally friendly...
  • Natural writing experience: Writes just like pen on paper, No expensive paper, No messy pens, No waste
  • Nothing to plug in or charge: Always on and ready to use
  • Easy: Simply write & erase, again and again
  • Private & secure: Perfect for high-security environments, No ghosting, no paper trail. Can’t be hacked
  • No tools: Writes with or without a styluS, even with just a fingernail
  • Cost effective: No expensive pens or paper to buy
  • Comfortable: A pleasure to hold, standing or sitting
  • Durable & splashproof: Withstands drops, splashes...
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean living: Easily wipes clean with soap and water
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