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Powertip Intelligent Embedded display is the most cost efficient serial TFT LCD display...
Powertip Intelligent Embedded display is the most cost efficient serial TFT lcd display solution for mass production. It can significantly reduce development time needed to implement colorful touch displays on various industrial equipment. With simple interface, serial UART RS232 interface, users can edit the display graphic user interface (GUI) by Powertip Graphic Editor on their PC first, then simply upload it through USB or U Disk to the display.
  • Easily upgrade to color touch display
  • What You See Is What You Get
  • Intuitive and frequently updated software
  • Fast development and easy to use
  • Communicate by UART Interface
  • High-quality and reliable hardware
  • Open source image database
  • Share Host MCU loading
  • Generate source code for PC and Powertip integrated display
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