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EOL Notice: Solomon ICs SSD1307ZD & SSD1311 Phase Out. OLED families involved: WEO012832G series / WEA012832G series (1.71”) / WEO001602C series / WEP001602C series (2.26”) /WEO001602G serie (2.26”) / WEO002002A series / WEP002002A series (2.93”) / WEO002004C serie / WEA002004C series / WEP002004C series (2.89”)...
Solomon announced the EOL of STN LCD IC SSD1839BZ, SSD1838BZ, SSD1839BUR, SSD1848CZ, SSD1808BZ, SSD1803AM1Z, SSD1848AZ and SSD1803AM4Z. COG LCD WO2004-xxxA#FC Family Involved...
FIRST Components provides thousands of model display modules, including TN/STN LCD, OLED, and TFT. And there are many types of interfaces to deliver image data to the display module. Customers may question which one is the best or can meet the requirement. This article will discuss an issue regarding the data transfer of display interfaces.
FIRST Components continues to provide customers with a comprehensive solution service, and actively launched our Smart Display Series products accordingly. The first CAN series Smart Display launched is based on this as a starting point. What is CAN Bus? How it works? What kinds of advantage can it bring to users? Let’s read more information in the following.
STN Avant IC SBN1661G-M18-D with wafer production capacity shortage. Winstar is testing and planning to adapt to alternative IC AiP31520 for further production units.
FIRST Components announces its global distribution agreement with Reyax Technology leading edge player in modules for wireless and IOT applications. Established in 2008, REYAX Technology Co., Ltd is a total solutions provider of high-quality modules, engineering designs and supply chain services to electronics manufacturers. Our products contain the MQTT IoT Cloud Platform/Bluetooth/Wi-fi/GPS/Lora/NB-IoT modules that can be applied in different fields of industrial electronics...
Innolux announced EOL TFT module LCT0007R0HA0H25BD100 (LW700AT6005) / LCT0007R0AA0IC6CG100 (LW700AT9309) using on WF70H family
RAIO decided to discontinues the controller RA6963-N version and will prepare substitutes RA6963-N1 version from now. This substitutes RA6963-N1 is compatible with T6963C, Winstar tested result is electric characteristic and displayed contrast are compatible.
Innolux will stop the production of 10.1” 1280x800 panel EE101IA-01D due to the IC HX8826/HX8288/HX8695 End Of Life
SHANGHAI, China – FIRST Components & Next Vision Display have signed of a New Distribution Agreement for Europe