Your Ideal Partner for Intelligent Display Solutions (IDE)!

Your Ideal Partner for Intelligent Display Solutions (IDE)!

What is an Intelligent display solution?

Intelligent Displays are highly integrated solutions consisting of:

  •          High-quality LCD module
  •          Control board & firmware
  •          Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

What is an IDE?

IDEs are powerful yet easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software which allow custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) development from scratch.

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get: IDEs are no-code/low-code HMI development environments. Easily design your Graphic User Interface  with an intuitive drag-and-drop software which also allows you to simulate the end result directly on your PC.

Why choose an Intelligent display solution?

Speed up your time to market and cut down the costs! Intelligent displays are seamless solutions from low volume to high volume applications without the need to invest in new software development.

Why choose First Components?

First Components offers a wide range of Intelligent Display Solutions; find the one that suits you best. You will find High-quality LCDs with various interfaces supported by different IDEs with complementary features that can satisfy all the needs for any application and sector. In this publication we present you two of our most powerful and versatile IDEs: 

  •          Immense Oak Technologies - ADE
  •          Winstar - GUI Builder


IOT - Acorn Development Environment (ADE)

Immense Oak Technology’s ADE is a Powerful and yet easy-to-learn development tool able to design HMI with fascinating visual effects thanks to built-in comprehensive widget libraries. ADE is the only tool you’ll need from design to deployment:

  • Drag and drop items to design HMI
  • Fully adjustable Gauge widget
  • Advanced Data Chart functionality (Graph, Area, Column, Point)
  • Able to play animation up to 30fps
  • Completely editable widgets and texts (size/color/image)
  • Video tutorial support for every function and widget
  •  Fast I/O configuration with only parameter settings
  • Possibility to write your own communication protocol by Python
  • Simulate directly without HW device needed
  • Designed for UART interface support
  • Working with IOT’s extension board (sold separately) to support Ethernet, WiFi, RS-232, RS-485 and audio line-out



Winstar - GUI Builder

Winstar’s GUI Builder allows you to design the UI without writing a line of code. Design multi-page UI on your own simply by dragging and dropping objects with your mouse. Check out the new powerful functionalities implemented with the last SW release (0.3.5).


  • Drag and drop items to design HMI
  • Landscape & Portrait mode
  • Supports up to 10 pages with 64 objects per page
  • Editable object images
  • Adjustable Gauge
  • Customizable text (fonts, size, color)
  • Splash screen with GIF support
  • Simulate directly without HW device needed
  • Wide range of sizes available (3,5" - 10,1")
  • Designed for CAN Bus and RS-485 interface support
  • Vehicle / Medical / Industrial application pre-loaded templates




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