Latest Product Introduction | TFT , OLED Graphic & Connectors

Latest Product Introduction | TFT , OLED Graphic & Connectors

We're excited to bring you the latest introductions in TFT and OLED families from First Components, and don't forget to take a look at our brand new Greenconn Board-to-Board Connectors!

TFT Display Solutions

WF18-128160FD#0F0-FC1.77'' TFT 128x160, Portrait, LCD + IC Controller, Interface MCU (Parallel/SPI) IC ST7735S, 400cd/m², Wide View Angle (O-Film), No touch...Go to catalogue
WF43-480272W816D#0P0-FC4.3'' TFT Panel 480x272, LCD + IC Controller, Interface MCU (Parallel) IC SSD1963 (8/16bit), Wide View Angle (IPS), 500cd/m², No tou...Go to catalogue
WF70-1024600A8H#0SP3-FC7'' TFT Panel 1024x600, Interface HDMI, IC TFP401, Wide View Angle (IPS), 850cd/m², Capacitive touch panel (No Raspberry connecto...Go to catalogue
NT088-C001ML8.8" TFT Bar 1920x480, Interface HDMI, Wide View Angle (IPS), 500 cd/m2, Standard Temp., Capacitive touch panel (HDMI Cable + Micro-usb Cabl...Go to catalogue
NT088-N001ML8.8" TFT Bar 1920x480, Interface MIPI, Wide View Angle (IPS), 600 cd/m2, Standard Temperature, No touch Panel, ZIF Connector, No Frame, Full color...Go to catalogue
WF101-19201200NL#0P0-FC10.1" TFT Panel  1920x1200, LCD Module, Interface LVDS, IC HX8290-B, 500cd/m², Wide View Angle (IPS), No touch Panel, Standard tem...Go to catalogue
PMOLED Display Solutions
WEA12864W#LP3N00F00-FC1.28'' Graphic PMOLED 128x64, Rectangular, White, COG+PCB,  Interface (4-Wire) SPI, IC SH1106, 3V~5V, Glare...Go to catalogue
WEA12864W#AAA3N00000-FC1.54" Graphic PMOLED 128x64Rectangular, White, COG+PCB, Interface (4-Wire) SPI,Anti-glare,16 Gray-scale Support...Go to catalogue
WEA12864W#AEA3N00000-FC1.54" Graphic PMOLED 128x64Rectangular, White, COG+PCB, Interface (4-Wire) SPI, IC CH1116, 3V,Anti-glare, Standard tem...Go to catalogue
WEA12832L#PA3N00000-FC: 1.71'' Graphic PMOLED 128x32, Rectangular, Yellow, COG+PCB, Interface (4-Wire) SPI New IC CH1115, 3V, 1/32 duty, Stand...Go to catalogue
WEO160128W#BP3N00000-FC1.92" Graphic PMOLED 160x128, White, COG, 3V, Interface (6800,8080) SPI/I2C, Glare, IC CH1120, 3V, Standard temp...Go to catalogue
 Board-to-Board Connectors

Breaking News! In our Interactive Catalogue, under the Accessories category you will find all our new Pin Header & Female Header connectors, born from the First Components-Greenconn partnership!

Pin Header Female Header

Please note! You will find Greenconn Connectors in the Related of all TFTOLED and Mono LCD Displays with Soldering PAD Data Connection.

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