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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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Winstar transportation displays include STN, TFT, OLED and System integration. They are highly versatile devices that can provide essential traffic information to drivers across a range of applications, including satellite communication at sea displays, electric, automotive dashboards and motorcycle dashboards. By offering real-time updates on traffic conditions, our displays empower drivers to make informed decisions that prioritize their safety and the safety of others on the road. Some of the solutions we can provide to customers include customized display sizes, and intuitive user interfaces. 


Solutions for Motorcycle Dashboard

Motorcycle Dashboard        Motorcycle Dashboard, Display Solutions


Winstar motorcycle smart dashboard supports displaying speedometer and cell phone information. Every features is designed to enhance rider experience and safety. Winstar provides a custom UI layout that includes gauges, turn signal, odometer and warning signals to save your valuable engineering resources.

Vehicle reliability and safety are key issues for any road user. A motorcycle speedometer can effectively guarantee your safety during riding. Apart from displaying riding speed, the motorcycle dashboard can also provide extensive and interesting contents.



Recommended Products
  • Design for harsh environments, waterproof.
  • Zero code on HMI firmware & software development: Save your valuable engineering resources.
  • Abundant and flexible hardware application coverage: Multi-interface choices and additional electronic components integration.
  • Design with Standard J1939/CANopen protocol.
  • Custom UI layout includes gauges, turn signal, odometer and warning signal.
  • Conduct the CE/EN55011 regulation test with EMI-pre scan.
Smart Display




Solutions for Automotive Dashboard 


 Automotive Dashboard      


Winstar provides touch solutions to support automotive application. We offer touch functionality that provides impact and scratch resistance, and anti-glare coatings that resist fingerprints while maintaining the high resolution and clarity of the display.

As technology has become more advanced, electromechanical switches are gradually replaced by displays with a touch feature. Even buttons with small functions become touch-sensitive, such as buttons for adjusting the air conditioning or the position of the exterior mirrors. In addition to the above basic control functions, the car display can provide a wide range of interesting content, and can display a lot of entertainment information, such as music, videos, vehicle health monitoring reports, etc.

Moreover, judging from the new models launched in the past two years, the design of one car with multiple displays has become a trend. High-end models have at least four monitors, such as console monitors in the driver's seat, entertainment monitors in the passenger seat, rear seat entertainment monitors, streaming media electronic rearview mirrors soared. In addition, the rise of new technologies has fundamentally changed the market, changing the possibilities of the exterior design and installation of the car. An obvious example is the head-up display (HUD), which uses glass to design a transparent display. All of these symbolize that the demand for displays in the automotive market will increase significantly in the next few years.



Recommended Products

  • Zero code on HMI firmware & software development: Save your valuable engineering resources.
  • Abundant and flexible hardware application coverage: Multi-interface choices and additional electronic components.
  • Custom UI layout includes gauges, PRND, turn signal, odometer, BMS signal, warning signal, motor temperature, engine status.
Smart Display




Solutions for Electric Bus Dashboard


Electric Bus Dashboard


Bus driver assistant LCD displays information of traditional analogue gauges in the vehicle like speedometer, RPM, odometer, etc. Customers can use GUI Builder software to quickly and easily create user interface and interactive prototypes for quick Demos with no coding. In addition, it is designed with the standard J1939 protocol.

Electric bus market is speeding up. Over the past decade, the diffusion of electric buses spread way faster than the one of electric cars. It reduces diesel exhaust emission rates and maintains human health benefits. It delivers comfortable and safe service to the public while significantly reducing both noise and air pollution.


Functions Recommended Products
  • CAN bus interface, design with standard J1939 protocol.
  • Custom UI layout includes gauges, PRND, turn signal, odometer, BMS signal, warning signal, motor temperature, and engine status.
  • Conduct the CE/EN55011 regulation test with EMI-pre scan.
  • App for setting battery position and updating firmware.




Solutions for Satellite Communication at-sea


Satellite Communication at-sea DisplaySatellite Communication at-sea Display Satellite Communication at-sea Display


Satellite position plays a vital role in communication at sea, allowing sailors to keep in touch with others and continue their voyages smoothly. Satellite communication is a method of transporting information from one place to another, using a communication satellite in orbit around the Earth. This satellite communication at-sea display supports RTP with RS422 interface. Even when on board, our reliance on satellite communication continues to soar. Technology and the ability to stay in touch have allowed many sailors to take their work with them afloat and go ocean sailing. The OLED displays deliver diverse content including satellite positions, time and battery charging status etc...Our vast experience and expertise enable us to offer solutions and equipment to meet customers' need for satellite communication at sea display. Graphic and digital signage screens are now a must-have in any transport hub. Winstar provides the total display solution, and offers displays in various sizes and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space on ships.


Functions Recommended Products
  • Design with RS422 interface
  • OLED panel with air bonding
  • Capacitive touch on the cover glass
  • Replacing physical buttons by silk printing on the cover lens
  • LED with red and yellow color for warning message, normal or NG
  • Mechanical design for a holder between PCB and panel
  • Schematic design and initial code ready for customer
  • Code Open source for demo. 
Winstar OLED Display
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