Notification Evervision's LCD EOL Production | Communication of 30th October 2023

Monday, October 30, 2023


Notification Evervision's LCD EOL Production


Date: 30th October 2023


  • Description: Evervision's LCD EOL Production and last PO date 


After careful consideration, Evervision declares the interruption of the business and production of LCDs. Asking for your understanding for the difficult decision made, Evervision thanks its customers for their support and asks to pay particular attention to the terms of LBO (Last Buy Order) and LSD (Last Shipment Date) before the manufacturing closure.

All the P/Ns listed below are EOL (End Of Life):


  • Part Numbers involved:
VGG243271-6UFLWA VGG804835-6UFLWA VGG804806-6UFLWA
VGG243264-7UFLWA VGG322403-7UFLWE VGG804836-6UFLWA
VGG322419-6UFLWA VGG322404-6UFLWA VGG804806-6UFLWB
VGG322425-6UFLWG VGG322246-7UFLWB VGG804822-6UFLWI
VGG482704-6UFLWD VGG322403-7UFLWF VGG804836-6UFLWB
VGG482710-6UFLWA VGG322404-6UFLWB VGG804836-6UFLWC
VGG482704-6UFLWC VGG322426-7UFLWB VGG804816-6UFLWA
VGG482709-6UFLWB VGG322246-7UFLWA VGG804806-6UFLWI
VGG482709-6UFLWF VGG322426-7UFLWA VGG804806-6UFLWH
VGG482710-6UFLWB VGG322445-7UFLWF VGG804812-6UFLWD
VGG482704-6UFLWF VGG322426-7UFLWG VGG806003-6UFLWE
VGG482709-6UFLWK VGG644803-6UFLWB VGG107621-0TSLWA
VGG482714-0TMLWA VGG644803-6UFLWQ VGG128020-0TSLWC
VGG804830-0TSLWH VGG644804-6UFLWA VGG191005-0TSLWI
VGG804835-6UFLWB VGG644804-6UFLWL VGG107608-0TMLWB
VGG804835-6UFLWD VGG804805-6UFLWD VGG107606-6UFLWC



  • LBO (Last Order Date): 30th November 2023
  • LSD (Last Shipment Date): 31st March 2024

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused to your company and thank you again for you and your team's supports in the past years. Should you have any questions please do contact us. Wishing you all the best.




   Evervision EOL Last Po date  Shipment Letter




FIRST COMPONENTS can accept LBO (Last Buy Order) within November 30th, 2023 with LDD (Last Delivery Date) within March 31st, 2024. 

We invite you to review your future demand for 2024 and release your purchase order no later than November 30th. After this date FIRST COMPONENTS will not be longer able to accept orders for the above listed items.

We invite You to contact Your FC sales representative for more details about the avilable alternatives.



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