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Technology Partnership Agreement between EPSON Semiconductor and FIRST Components s.r.l.

Monday, January 23, 2017

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Technology Partnership Agreement between EPSON Semiconductor and FIRST Components

One of the key objectives of the partnership is to assist our clients in developing Hardware and Software driving board whilst keeping the same CPU in use when upgrading the Display (mono => color, low resolution=> high resolution…) in their application. Saving time and money!

LCD Controller (LCDC) Function:

An LCDC receives an image (bitmap) to be displayed from the host CPU as input. It outputs the image data and timing signals to the LCD module, in the format and with the data rate required by the LCD module. The data rate is determined by the frame rate (also called refresh rate) of the LCD module.


Product Line-up:

EPSON LCDC Added value:

  • Hardware Acceleration: Customer upgrade display with existing MCU / Whole system work efficiently
  • Shorter time-to-market: EPSON LCDC + Software libraries
  • Power saving: The MCU can go into Deep Sleep Mode while the LCDC keeps the display active, resulting in a Power Saving up to 92%.

LCD Graphic Controller Features:

Basic Features:

  • Rotation: Useful to switch panel orientation (Portrait <-> Landscape) without change LCD panel
  • PiP (Picture in Picture): MAIN + PIP1 + PIP2 overlay (3-layers)
  • Alpha Blending: Two images are stored in memory buffer and are blended by an alpha value (programmable) and output to the LCD display
  • Transparency: Key color in PIP window is transparent and other part of the window remains on LCD display
  • Gamma Correction (Color gamut): Each LCD panel has different Gamma value, so is very important to have a Gamma Correction

Advanced Features:

  • Scaling: Bi-cubic, B-spline, linear or average filter can be chosen to suppress scaling noise. Horizontal and vertical ratio can be set individually 
  • BitBLT (2D Engine): Perform a Boolean function on the pixel data (OR > EPSON / AND > LCDC / XOR > EPSON+LCDC) & Color expansion: Display color can be changed by using single command
  • Sprite Engine: Smooth rotation of a needle is done by arbitrary rotation & Smooth enlargement and contraction is possible

FC Technical Support:

  • LCDC Portfolio Overview
  • LCDC Selection Assistance
  • Datasheet
  • Evaluation board
  • User manual
  • Driver for Windows
  • Demo software
  • Software Libraries
  • Etc…