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giovedì 19 ottobre 2017

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Bendable & Transparent OLED

Standard and Custom Solutions

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the OLED display since the first OLED paper was released. As one of next generation display technology, PMOLED display has features of high brightness, wide viewing angle, low power consumption, bendability, and low prices. FIRST Components has just introduced a new generation of WiseChip Bendable&Transparent PMOLED used in many innovative applications.


Bendable PMOLED

A Bendable OLED is based on a flexible substrate which can be either plastic, metal or flexible glass. The plastic and metal panels will be light, thin and very durable. Main features: Minimum Bending Radius (≧40mm, 10 times), High Contrast Ratio, Wide Viewing Angle, Fast Response Time (≤ 10μs), very Thin Light and Durable, No need of backlight (Self-emitting), Wide Operation Temperature (-20°C~60°C).



  • Size: 1.36''
  • Resolution: 128 x 16
  • Color: White
  • Module dimension: 44.50 x 8.66 x 0.30mm
  • Active area: 21.442 x 5.324mm
  • Interface: SPI, I2C
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  • Size: 1.81''
  • Resolution: 160 x 32
  • Color: White
  • Module dimension: 55.3 x 14.94 x 0.30mm
  • Active area: 45.096 x 9.0mm
  • Interface: 3-wire SPI,I2C
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Custom / Semi-custom: Transparent PMOLED

We can customized your idea into real OLED display. The introduction of Transparent OLED brings to wider innovative solutions for the different applications in the market.  Features: High brightness 1000cd/m2, High Contrast Ratio, Viewing Angle 360 Fully Transparent, Fast Response Time (≤ 10ms), Thin, Light and Durable, No need of backlight (Self-emitting), Wide Operation Temperature (-40~105°C).

WiseChip has also just developed a new Standard Transparent PMOLED suitable for automotive applications. See details below:



  • Size: 4.1''
  • Segment type: 230 Icons
  • Color: Light blue, Red, Orange, Green
  • Module dimension:  106.00 x 37.90 x 1.40mm
  • Interface: I2C
  • Available as Standard Product
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