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Winstar OLED Program

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Why Choosing Winstar OLED? 

Winstar OLEDs featured with Super Long Lifetime

Some customers had bad experience of buying mono PLED since the short lifetime issue; the production technology many years ago was not mature which caused the yield rate was low and made the product cost was very high. The PLED manufactures forced to give up investment and phased out the PLED displays production. 

Nowadays, the manufacturing technology, facilities, compounds and materials for OLED panel have great improvement recent years. Winstar technology team has developed the super long lifetime OLED display which already exceed 150K hours and the testing number is still going up. The lifetime in our data sheet is 100K hours.  

Winstar can provide Sunlight Readable OLEDs

We are proud that Winstar is one of few manufacturers in the market that can provide sunlight readable OLED displays. It’s an optional element, if your application need sunlight readable feature. Winstar owns the technology to make it sunlight readable during OLED display production process. This sunlight readable technology is suitable for our standard OLED items and Custom design solution.

OLED - The Most Safest Display Source

The OLEDs have a wide viewing angle which is up to 175 degrees. OLEDs also have a faster response time than STN LCD displays. Whereas the normal LCD displays currently have a 200 ms response time, OLEDs can have less 10µsec at 25 ?. Furthermore, the OLEDs are with wider operation temperature from -40 ? ~ 80 ? which is fit for the specification of many rugged environment condition, such as automotive or solar energy inverter.

Winstar PM OLED Product Roadmap

Winstar released the OLED standard Character WEH001602A (16 characters x 2 lines) and Graphic WEG010016A modules (100 x 16 dots) in this August for yellow emitting color. Our development team is testing Green, Red, Blue, Orange and White colors and we will introduce them in the coming Winstar News soon. 

Also, we will introduce a series of standard OLED character modules like 08 x 02, 12 x 02, 16 x 01, 20 x 02, 20 x 04 and standard OLED Graphic 100 x 08, 100 x 32, 128 x 64 series soon. The mechanical dimensions and pin outs for these new OLED display modules will be compatible with our existing LCD modules equivalents.  

Winstar Welcome Custom Design Solution for OLED Display

Winstar Display provides standard OLED Character and Graphic modules, we also offer customized design solutions for Character, Graphic and ICON types OLED displays to meet your exact requirement with very competitive tooling charge.