WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. is a professional manufacturer of PMOLED. Their main products include Monochrome and Color Passive Matrix OLED. WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. can provide organic EL display modules sealed in different ways based on customer needs, and uses advanced manufacturing technology and production equipment to provide solutions with the shortest time to satisfy consumers.

PMOLED characteristics:

  • Self-lighting, no backlight required module and color filter
  • Light and thin (< 2mm)
  • Simple structure, high durability, low cost
  • Low starting power (3 ~ 9V) and power-saving
  • Free Viewing Angle, bright and distinct screen from anywhere.
  • High brightness
  • Good luminance (16 lm/W)
  • High contrast (>10,000:1)
  • Excellent picture quality in both dark view and bright view
  • Fast response speed (10μs)
  • Full color capability
  • Large size possible
  • Flexibility (plastic base is used)
  • Broad range of usable temperatures:-40℃~85℃
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