FIRST Components can offer various options on backlight type, pin and connector, cable, touch panel, heater or even customerized PCB which can be adopted to standard product and material as semi-custom solution for your product application.  

FULL-CUSTOM - Total Solution EMS(Electronic Manufacturing Service) & EDS (Electronic Design Service)

What we can do for you? 
1. FC LCD module with customer’s PCB controller board

2. PCB Processing
    a. Bonding components to your PCB with Winstar’s SMT machine (3 lines)
    b. Bonding components to your PCB with Winstar’s COB machine (15 lines)
    c. Complete lines of PCB Assembly Equipments for Automation

3. Software/ Hardware Design


The Advance of EMS & EDS:
1. Saving your tooling charge, when your controller board integrated with Winstar’s LCD module.
2. Saving your unit cost of the LCD module and your controller board.
3. Time Effectiveness of the project
4. Full technical support

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